SL 55 Lupinus

– Special edition chair from Søren Lund Møbler.

Lupinus is published in a limited number of 55 stylish chairs. Lupinus is designed for the occasion of Søren Lund’s 55th anniversary.
Søren Lund Møbler has its aesthetic design roots from the 1960s, when Danish architecture and Danish furniture design became world famous.
Søren Lund is always true to their history when creating new Danish furniture design, like Lupinus SL 55.

The story behind Lupinus

Søren Lund Møbler met Hulda Tindskard from Atlantic Leather through an innovation project with Technological Institute.
An interaction quickly emerged, with ideas constantly balancing between functionality and aesthetics.

The main inspiration

We have primarily been inspired by the North Atlantic and the North Atlantic stream.
The raw, huge and changeable North Atlantic, where only a very small part of the Atlantic are suitable fishing areas.
The North Atlantic stream is a warm ocean current that extends the Gulf Stream and hence conducts hot surface water from the equator and all the way up to Norway and Greenland.
Parts of the Lupinus chair is covered with Wolffish, Anarhichas lupus, which lives in Atlantic. Which contributes to Lupinus unique expression.

A new design classic

Lupinus combines functionality, Nordic colors and natural materials. The armchair has swivel foot that confirms Lupinus timeless design. Perfect proportions in design and function provides a comfortable side comfort.
At Søren Lund Møller’s own factory in Tørring, the solid craft traditions are constantly maintained.


Anarhichas lupus / Wolffish / Catfish is from Atlantic Leather.
Royal Nubuck is from Sørensen Leather and made on European raw hides.

Height: 93 cm
Width: 69 cm
Depth: 77 cm
Height of Back cushions: 55 cm
Height of Seat: 42 cm
Depth of Seat: 48 cm


Alt. height of Seat: 42 cm

Be inspired

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