SL 203


– fits anywhere in the home, in hotels, in institutions etc.

Popular lounge sofa with wide appeal for anyone who loves good design. The clean Scandinavian-style design lines, combined with perfect seating comfort, make the SL203 a timeless classic.

Like all Søren Lund sofas, the SL 203 can be delivered exactly in the version you want. Check out the many variants, dimensions, cushion types and furniture items to choose from.



Seat cushions

Height: 70 cm
Width: 68 cm
Depth: 72 cm
Height of Back cushions: 34 cm
Height of Seat: 44 cm
Depth of Seat: 49 cm
Height of Legs: 5 cm

SL 203/2 seat: 123 cm
SL 203/3 seat: 178 cm
SL 203/1 chair: w/tropet-plinth

Be inspired

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