SL 616 Hjørne modul m/smal 4 cm arm
SL 616 Hjørne m/bred 15cm arm

SL 616 Modular series

The SL 616 series is a simple, stylish, and versatile modular sofa series with countless combination options that can be put together, stand alone and create new spaces in the room – and provide spaciousness. SL 616 is designed for furnishing hotels, offices, and private homes.

SL 616 modular series narrow arm (system A) = 4cm narrow arm, 41cm high

SL 616 modular series wide arm (system B) = 15/5cm wide arm, 48cm high

The seat cushion is one long per module in 44kg cold foam/160 newton, Back cushions are in 50% down/50% granules. All cushion covers are equipped with a zipper.

You can customize the size of the back cushions according to your own needs and desires. You have four sizes to “play” with – 55/70/125/146cm.

The SL 616 series is not a standard solution but a program tailored to your requirements and desires.

For example, the narrow front edge of the seat frame can be fitted with leather (additional cost), as well as the narrow arm in the SL 616 modular series narrow arm (system A) can be upholstered in leather (additional cost) while the rest of the sofa is in fabric.


Back cushions
Standard: 50%down/50%granulated pur-foam

Seat cushions                                                 Standard: 44kg Cold cured foam / 160 newton

Height: 85 cm
Length: x cm
Depth: 86 cm
Height of Back cushions: 45 cm
Height of Seat: 47 cm
Depth os Seat: 57 cm
Height of Legs: 18 cm (SL18)

Modul : 616S-140-HV (616/140HV): 148cm / 616S-140-V (616/140V) & 616S-140-H (616/140H):      140cm / 616-140 (616/140): 140cm

Modul: 616S-190-HV (616/190HV): 198cm / 616S-190-V (616/190V) & 616S-190-H (616/190H): 194 cm / 616/190 (616/190): 190cm

Modul: 616S-230-HV (616/230HV): 238cm / 616S-230-V (616/230V) & 616S-230-H (616/230H): 234 cm / 616/230 (616/230): 230 cm

Modul: 616S-230-END-V (616/230vV) & 616S-230-END-H (616/230hH): 234 cm / 616-230-END-UARM-V (616/230v) & 616-230-END-UARM-H (616/230h): 230 cm (OBS! Choose with a wide arm when it comes to corner sofas)

Modul : 616B-140-HV (616/140HV-B): 170cm / 616B-140-V (616/140V-B) & 616B-140-H (616/140H-B): 155cm / 616/140 (616/140): 140cm

Modul:  616B-190-HV (616/190HV-B): 220cm / 616B-190-V (616/190V-B) & 616B-190-H (616/190H-B): 205cm / 616/190 (616/190): 190cm

Modul: 616B-230-HV (616/230HV-B): 260cm / 616B-230-V (616/230V-B) & 616B-230-H (616/230H-B): 245cm / 616-230 (616/230): 230cm

Modul: 616B-230-END-V (616/230cV-B)616B-230-END-H (616/230cH-B): 245cm / 616-230-END-UARM-V (616/230v) & 616-230-END-UARM-H (616/230h): 230cm (NOTE! Choose with a wide arm when it comes to corner sofas)

Modul: 616-280-Endemodul (616/280 open end): 280cm (NOTE! Double open end and with 2 seat cushions)

Back cushion widths: 55 & 70 & 125 & 146cm





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