SL 208


Beautiful to look at, nice to sit in.

Classic and well-proportioned down to the last detail. The SL208 is designed with an obvious ease, one registers as aesthetically beautiful. Eg. let the sofa take pride of place in the middle of the room, with the back to guests, so that it can show its perfect stitching and the sublime leather or fabric quality.



Back cushions
Standard: Alt.1 60%down/40%granulated pur-foam Alt.2 cold cured foam

Seat cushions
Standard: Alt.1 60%down/40%granulated pur-foam Alt.2 44kg cold cured foam/160 newton Down-top de luxe: extra charge

Height: 79 cm
Length: 204 cm
Depth: 79 cm
Height of Back cushions: 40 cm
Height of Seat: 45 cm
Depth of Seat: 50 cm
Height of Legs: 19 cm

SL 208/1: 77 cm
SL 208/2 seat: 140 cm
SL 208/2½ seat: 182 cm
SL 208/3 w/2 seat: 204 cm
Sl 208/5 seat corner: 213×213 cm
SL 208/6 seat corner: 277×213 cm
SL 208/corner: 79×79 cm
SL 208 arm: 6/67 cm

Customize your sofa


Choose legs

88 – Wood
H:17/19cm Ø:5,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

88 – Steel
H:17cm #:6,5cm

90 – Steel
H:15cm #:7,6cm

90 – Wood
H:15cm Ø:6,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

HV 15/18 – Aluminium  adjustable
H:15/18cm Ø:3,2cm

B17 – Wood
H:10/15/17cm Ø:5,0/3,2cm
Oak, Black stained

210 – Wood
H:19 cm #:5,0cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood



Big arm rest

Removable cover

Fixed fringe

Small arm rests

Central mounted legs

Pipings   (on cushions)

Be inspired

Gallery – SL 208