Dicentra – Zero


Absolutely delicious! Once you have seen it, touched it and lied on it – you just have to own a DICENTRA Zero in a Søren Lund reinterpretation. The proportions are eye-catching, delicious double stitches testify to exclusive quality, and the combination of a soft down top and a stable core of cold foam makes it ideal for a comfortable seat

The perfect décor furniture in the entrance, along the window, in the repose, the loft or wherever the room needs that extra bit of relaxed energy.




Seat cushions
Alt.1 44kg cold cured foam/160 newton
Alt.2 60%down/40%granulated pur-foam
Down-top: Extra charge.
Length:Ø95 cm
Height of Seat: 39 cm
Height of Legs: 18 cm


Customize your sofa


Choose legs

I 17 
H: 17cm Ø: 2,0cm
Stainless steel

IG 15
H: 15cm

B17 – Wood
H:10/15/17cm Ø:5,0/3,2cm
Oak, Black stained

K 90 Solo
H:17cm #:1,0 x 4,0cm
Stainless steel

K 70
L: 72,5cm H:17cm #:1,0 x 4,0cm Stainless steel


Dicentra Cushion

Straps – Dicentra

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