Vision sofa

A sofa group is a key element of interior design in the home, and unless you are prepared to compromise on quality and design, can represent a signi cant investment. And naturally, you have every right to expect full value for your money.

The VISION range was created in the true tradition of Danish craftsmanship and the best within Scandinavian furniture design. VISION offers a wide range of individual interior design options – many more than ever seen before.

13 different chair and sofa widths – from 70 cm to 210 cm inter- nal measurement – provide the basis for innumerable combina- tions and accessories. For instance: you can use different corners and chaise longues to create new combinations; you can choose between 10 different arm rests – and you can even design your sofa with different arm rests if you so desire.

A range of cushions and seat cushions made of high quality cold cure foam, and the most exclusive down top seat cushions on the market ensure unique style, visual impact and comfort. Whether your sofa is to stand on simple, rounded wooden legs, or elegant and exclusive stainless steel frames – the choice is yours.

In other words, the VISION range gives you every opportunity to create your own, unique sofa group. Regardless of whether you go in for the simple, Scandinavian style, or are inspired by the international look, VISION gives you timeless design and quality craftsmanship and materials.


Back cushions
50% polyether/ polydown
50% european duck feathers
Sewn into tight Cambrigde linen

Seat cushions
Core: 11cm foam HR – 44 kg/m3 – Density 160 Newton
Wrapp: 2,5 cm Super Soft 25kg/m3
Extra charge:
Downtop, reversible: 8cm core of 38kg/m3 cold cure foam
– Density 150 Newton
Wrapping: 70% polyether/30% European Duck feathers channelized into Cambridge linen.

Height: 81 cm
Length: 213 cm
Depth: 87 cm
Height of Back cushions: 40 cm
Height of Seat: 43 cm
Depth of Seat: 58 cm


Design your own Vision sofa

Step 1 - Choose armrest

Arm 0
8,5 / 48 cm

Arm 1
6 / 48 cm

Arm 2
8,5 / 54cm

Arm 3
6 / 54cm

Arm 4
11 / 48cm

Arm 5
14 / 48cm

Arm 6
19 / 36cm

Arm 7
27 / 36 cm

Arm 8
8,5 / 36 cm

Arm 9
14 / 37 / 43 cm

Step 2 - Choose length/modules

70 cm

80 cm

95 cm

140 cm

150 cm

160 cm

170 cm

180 cm

190 cm

200 cm

210 cm 2 seats

210 cm 3 seats

70-7-1-V  (width: 70 cm / depth 142 cm)

70-7-1-H  (width: 70 cm / depth: 142 cm)

70-8-1-V  (width 70 cm / depth 142 cm)


70-8-1-H  ( width cm / depth 142 cm )

95-6-1-V (width 95cm/depth 87cm-112cm)

95-6-1-H (width 95 cm / depth 87cm-112cm)


95-8-1-V  (width 95 cm / depth 142 cm)


95-8-1-H  (width 95 cm / depth 142 cm)



125-9-V  (125 cm)

125-9-H  (125cm)

35-6-1  ( ? cm )

90-5-1  (87x87cm) 

Step 3 - Choose pillows

Back cushions : Down/Granulat

Seat cushions: High resilence Pur-foam

Seat cushions: Down-top de luxe 

Step 4 - Choose legs

HX 15/13
H:15cm, H:7cm, H:5cm #:2,5cm
Stainless steel

IH 13
Matt chrome steel

K 90 
L: 86cm H:17cm #:1,0 x 4,0cm
Stainless steel

IX 85 
L: 85cm H:17cm Ø:3,5cm
Stainless steel

IX 85 Solo
H: 17cm #:3,5cm
Stainless steel

IT 82
L: 82cm H:17cm
Stainless Steel

K 16 
L: 85cm H:17cm Ø:1,5cm
Stainless steel

HX 17
H: 17cm #: 2,0cm
Stainless steel

HX 17/15
H:17cm #:2,0cm
Stainless steel

I 15
H: 15cm #: 2,5cm
Stainless steel

K 90 Solo
H:17cm #:1,0 x 4,0cm
Stainless steel

212 – Wood
H:17cm #:6,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

88 – Wood
H:17/19cm Ø:5,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

B17 – Wood
H:10/15/17cm Ø:5,0/3,2cm
Oak, Black stained

GR15 – Steel grafit

IG 15
H: 15cm

I 17 
H: 17cm Ø: 2,0cm
Stainless steel

HV 15/18 – Aluminium  adjustable
H:15/18cm Ø:3,2cm

229 – Wood
H: 2/5/7cm Ø:6,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood,

90 – Wood
H:15cm Ø:6,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

90 – Steel
H:15cm #:7,6cm

88 – Steel
H:17cm #:6,5cm

Step 5 - Choose armpillows

Model: Rom  (for high arm)

Model: Rom  ( for low arm )

Model: Milano

Model: Firenze

Model: Verona

Model: Como

Model: Lido ( Fits only Arm 9 )

Model: Nice

Model: Pisa

Model: Rimmeni

Model: Lumbar Pillows



Neck Cushion 63 cm

Big arm rest

Removable cover

Fixed fringe

Small arm rests

Central mounted legs

Pipings   (on cushions)


ARM 4 w/ Milano cushions

ARM 9 w/ Lido cushions

ARM 9 w/ Firenze (high) cushions

ARM 9  w/ Nice  cushions

ARM 9 w/ Como cushions

ARM 8   w/ Pisa cushions

ARM 8 w/ Rom (high) cushions

ARM 7 w/ Rimmini cushions

ARM 7 w/ Pisa cushions

ARM 5 w/ Rom ( low)  cushions

ARM 5 w/ Verona  cushions

ARM 0 w/ Firenze (high) cushions

ARM 4 w/ Firenze (low) cushions

ARM 3 w/ Firenze (low) cushions

ARM 3 w/ Firenze (high) cushions

ARM 2 w/ Rom (low) cushions

ARM 2 w/ Rom (high) cushions

ARM 1 w/ Rom (low) cushions

ARM 1 w/ Verona cushions

ARM 0 w/ Firenze (low) cushions

ARM 0 w/ Pisa cushions

Be inspired

VISION can be combined in countless ways