SL 580

 Casual luxury, rounded off by the special Søren Lund elegance in fine lines and proportions – is excellently captured in the SL 580 model.

A state-of-the-art sofa with soft, voluminous cushions with perfect sitting comfort and a youthful appeal.

SL 580 is bold, creative and exciting in Søren Lund-red, and super sophisticated in white. Choose according to your temper …

Potentially with a removable cover on the entire sofa … you then have the opportunity to wash/clean the fabric or change between summer and winter.


Back cushions
Alt.1 60%down/40%granulated pur-foam Alt.2 cold cured foam

Seat cushions
Standard: Alt.1 Down-top de luxe Alt.2 44kg cold cured foam/160 newton Alt.3 60%down/40%granulated pur-foam

Height: 80 cm
Length: 236 cm
Depth: 87 cm
Height of Back cushions: 42 cm
Height of Seat: 43 cm
Depth of Seat: 57 cm
Height of Legs: 15 cm

SL 580/1 narrow: 108 cm
SL 580/1 broad: 118 cm
SL 580/2 seat: 178 cm
SL 580/2½ seat: 208 cm
SL 580/Hj corner: 87 x 87 cm
Arm width: : 19 cm
6 seat corner: 304×246 cm
2½+2½ seat corner: 276×276 cm

Customize your sofa


Choose legs

88 – Wood
H:17/19cm Ø:5,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

88 – Steel
H:17cm #:6,5cm

90 – Steel
H:15cm #:7,6cm

90 – Wood
H:15cm Ø:6,5cm
Beech,Oak,Mahogany, Cherry wood, Painted

HV 15/18 – Aluminium  adjustable
H:15/18cm Ø:3,2cm

I 17 
H: 17cm Ø: 2,0cm
Stainless steel

IG 15
H: 15cm

GR15 – Steel grafit

B17 – Wood
H:10/15/17cm Ø:5,0/3,2cm
Oak, Black stained

HX 15/13
H:15cm, H:7cm, H:5cm #:2,5cm
Stainless steel

I 15
H: 15cm #: 2,5cm
Stainless steel

HX 17/15
H:17cm #:2,0cm
Stainless steel

HX 17
H: 17cm #: 2,0cm
Stainless steel

IT 82
L: 82cm H:17cm
Stainless Steel

IX 85 
L: 85cm H:17cm Ø:3,5cm
Stainless steel

K 90 
L: 86cm H:17cm #:1,0 x 4,0cm
Stainless steel



Neck Cushion 63 cm

Big arm rest

Removable cover

Fixed fringe

Small arm rests

Central mounted legs

Pipings   (on cushions)

Be inspired

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